July 13, 2015

Hair Fair 2015

Oh! Greetings everyone :) So we all know Hair Fair 2015 is begun on 11th July. And it’s time to show you some of my favourite hair styles from fair. Also, I know guys im lil bit late but i have things going on and im so busy at rl. Well forgive me <3 

Let's start!

Fiore : OMG guys! When i saw Fiore's new 2 hairs i remember how much i love Addams Family. Cuz i feel like Morticia rock that incredible long hair. If you love Morticia then you should buy them. They are so beautiful!


Ohmai Salon : Ups she did it again! Ohmai Salon is one of my fav hair store hands down. Anya (Ohmai Salon Owner) have unlimited imagination and she can do amazing stuffs. I adored her works. Actually I might be little jealous too :D just kidding! I think she read my mind this time or i dont know how this happend, cuz she released my holy grail hair style for this year. I'm so happy *.*


Exile : Dear Kavar (Exile Owner), you never failed me. Thank you so much! I have been wearing Exile hairs since beginning. I love them so much , i wear them so much. We have this lovely history / connection you know :) Now i look at Kavar's Hair Fair 2015 products, he knows what he do guys! Textures are awesome, models fits perfectly. I mean what more could a girl want. Amen! 


Exxess : So by far when i look at new brands ( for me! ) at fair, i absolutely can tell Exxess is number one! I really like the hair styles and i can see myself wear a lot of them. Also maybe some of you know there a is thing going on about Harley Quinn, new movie ect. So that hair on point guys!  

I'm sorry for my grammar! English is not my first language.
I hope you will like my hair fair 2015 favs post!
Thank you so much for reading <3