July 21, 2013


Bonjour mes belles!!!

MONS / All makeups special sale  $L50!!!!
(Makeups include many colors)
Only for "3" hours! So hurry up!!!!
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July 19, 2013

The Dressing Room FUSION !

MONS / Makeups  - Glamorous Look Makeups
Each one include lipstick and eyeshadow&eyeliner
Special sale, $L50 (Limited)


July 18, 2013

Hair Fair 2013 (Part2)

Hey Guys!
I'm back! \o/ It's time for another Hair Fair 2013 post.. Today, the fourth day of the fair. I just meet some hair brands (Faenzo, Discord Designs & Argrace) and I'm glad this. Firstly, Baiastice already had amazing mesh clothes, accessory, ect. But new mesh hairs really awesome!! Also I must say this, I'm big fan of Orphan Black. When I saw Cosima hair from Discord Designs, I screamed \o/ Big thanks for this :) Anyways I won't show you Hair Fair 2013 all hairs. I just blogging my favorite brands.. So here is my fav hairs part2!!! 

(Click pictures for directly teleport!)

July 14, 2013

Hair Fair 2013 (Part1)

Hey guys!
Hair Fair 2013 opened yesterday! \o/ Amazing fair as always. Look at these! I adooore these hairs! All of completely pretty gorgeous.. I really love Hair Fair this year!! Anywaysss babies.. Here is my favorites from Hair Fair 2013. Hope u'll like! Enjoy <33

(Click pictures for directly teleport!)

July 13, 2013

MONS / Hair Fair 2013

Hair Fair 2013 OPEN NOW!

MONS / Mesh Hairs - She Series avaible @Hair Fair 2013

July 8, 2013

Look Of The Day

SKIN | *League* Skin Aria Golden -Natural
EYESHADOW | MONS / Makeups - Eyeshadow Clubber
LIPGLOSS | MONS / Makeups - Lucious Lipgloss2
LASHES | Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
EYES | Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes
HAIR | [taketomi]_Fujii_Demo
EARRINGS | MONS / MESH - Earrings Arrow
EARRINGS2 | MONS / MESH - Earrings Triangle Pyramid
BRACELET | Baiastice_Triple Stars Small Leather Cuff-red
BRACELET2 | A&Ana F.J. Passion Fruit Gold Bracelet @TDRfusion
NAILS | Flair - Nail Hud Add On - Slink Avatar Enhancement - Set 97
HAND | Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual
BIKINI | :::LP::: Chained Bikini Gold [Red]
SKIRT | MONS / Rigged Mesh / Leather Pleated Skirt @TDRfusion
FEET | TaraShoes Sensation BareFeet Black

July 7, 2013

MONS / The Dressing Room FUSION

The Dressing Room FUSION!

MONS / Rigged Mesh / Leather Pleated Skirt
MONS / Rigged Mesh / Sexy Strapless Top

2 in 1! sale $L70 (Limited)
2 color options, (navy top & red skirt) or (black top & black skirt)

July 4, 2013

Get ready with Eki

Hey Guys!

People ask me all the time where I bought my lashes. So I decided share another "Get ready with Eki" post. Here is my top 5 lashes.. Hope you'll like! Enjoy :)

First 3 looks, I used Redgrave lashes. Elemental is realy looks natural. If you like simple lashes I recomend this one. Natural and Luscious very closely to each other. Natural is more often, Luscious bottom part is more long. Luscious is my favorite lashes. I love them and I use everytime. Last 2 looks from Beetlebones. Those are my first mesh lashes. Beetlebones lashes comes with huge folder. I think include 3 colors, black-brown-tintable and many different shapes. I like Dollface black in this series.

What I'm wearing?
MONS / Makeups - Eyeshadow Sunny2
MONS / Makeups - Lucious Lipgloss2
*League* Skin Aria Golden -Natural
MONS / Hippie Chain Headband - stone

July 2, 2013

Get ready with me <3

Hey Guys!
Today I'm gonna show you how to create sexy style with many makeup options. \o/
This is my style <3 Hope you'll like, enjoy!

Step 1,
Firstly, I wear this deep black eyeshadow from MONS. Name is Eyeshadow Stunning. Then I prefer wear "MONS / Eyeliner Inner" electric color for more look sexy.

Step 2,
Ofcourse, I can't imagine sexy look without red lipstick. Lucious Lipgloss2 - hot red is my favorite of MONS. And blush.. MONS / Makeups - blush&freckles&marks include 3 options!

Step 3,
Final touch! I 'm big fan of Redgrave lashes. And this is one of my favorite, Eyelashes -39- Luscious. Remember always wear Remover System for lashes. Btw my skin from League.

You can find all MONS makeups at marketplace!