July 15, 2015

Hair Fair 2015 / Part2

Let's continue guys!


Beusy : What can i say guys! Just one word "hot trends". I love little buns one, so cute *.* Also i love Beusy's ombre colors. They are really cool. Go check out them!


Blues : I met Blues Hair last year and i'm really glad that. She have the prettiest hairstyles ever. You get all that crazy colors, pastels and beautiful natural tones. I'm sure you guys will like a lot too. *.*


Moon : OMG! Heaven! I love that electric blue hair. I'm overly obsessed with that color. We are the coolest kids with those hairs \o/. Also i love how wavy they are..

I'm sorry for my grammar! English is not my first language.
I hope you will like my hair fair 2015 favs post!
Thank you so much for reading <3

July 13, 2015

Hair Fair 2015

Oh! Greetings everyone :) So we all know Hair Fair 2015 is begun on 11th July. And it’s time to show you some of my favourite hair styles from fair. Also, I know guys im lil bit late but i have things going on and im so busy at rl. Well forgive me <3 

Let's start!

Fiore : OMG guys! When i saw Fiore's new 2 hairs i remember how much i love Addams Family. Cuz i feel like Morticia rock that incredible long hair. If you love Morticia then you should buy them. They are so beautiful!


Ohmai Salon : Ups she did it again! Ohmai Salon is one of my fav hair store hands down. Anya (Ohmai Salon Owner) have unlimited imagination and she can do amazing stuffs. I adored her works. Actually I might be little jealous too :D just kidding! I think she read my mind this time or i dont know how this happend, cuz she released my holy grail hair style for this year. I'm so happy *.*


Exile : Dear Kavar (Exile Owner), you never failed me. Thank you so much! I have been wearing Exile hairs since beginning. I love them so much , i wear them so much. We have this lovely history / connection you know :) Now i look at Kavar's Hair Fair 2015 products, he knows what he do guys! Textures are awesome, models fits perfectly. I mean what more could a girl want. Amen! 


Exxess : So by far when i look at new brands ( for me! ) at fair, i absolutely can tell Exxess is number one! I really like the hair styles and i can see myself wear a lot of them. Also maybe some of you know there a is thing going on about Harley Quinn, new movie ect. So that hair on point guys!  

I'm sorry for my grammar! English is not my first language.
I hope you will like my hair fair 2015 favs post!
Thank you so much for reading <3

June 19, 2015