July 13, 2014

Hair Fair 2014

Helloooo everybody!!! So as you might know, I am a massive hair styles junkie.. And finally Hair Fair 2014 open. \\o// When this time of year I'd be very excited. Cuz I know an amazing hairs are coming. I didn't stumble again!! Look at those pics! Look at my favs! They are incredible beauty and I'm so happy :D Anyways here is Eki's Hair Fair 2014 favorite hairstyles;


!Ohmai : Anya is so creative and talented. I always adored her works. She makes the sweetest hairs of fair. I mean you can live a fairytale with those hairs! And I love birds <3333


Blues : Say "Hi!" to new brand! Blues you did it and I love it *-* Firstly colors are to die for. Styles are so cool. I think Blues is my new baby n_n I'm excited about the new products. Also Blues at Cosmetic Fair Beacy Party too. yayyy!


Milana : I'm wearing Milana Hairs for the first time. Shame on me!! Of Course I heard before her brand. But for some reason I don't know why, I don't have any hairs from her. I really love Milana's styles and textures. Hairs modify on. So I can change colors and make pastel hairs. Pastel colors are my favorites on these days.  As you may have noticed :D

Vive Nine Fiore : Alright guyss! Vive Nine hairs are back! Wooot *-* What can I say about them. They are gorgeous, unique and exactly for me. Especially fishtail braid <33

Exile : Mermaid hairs! Who doesn't love those hairs? Perfect for summer. I love how wavy they are. Already Exile always does best wavy hairs. And harmony of colors is great!


Little Bones : I love finding out about new brands. Little Bones is new for me. I think I only have 1 hair from her. But I'll definitely buy more in future. I think I have found another holy grail hair brand ^.^


Tram : Final one Tram! I know Tram from my newbie times :D Always cute n_n I like most short ones. I don't wanna change my hair for a long time :) I would wear this every day and be happy!

I'm sorry for my grammar! English is not my first language.
I hope you will like my hair fair 2014 favs post!
Thank you so much for reading <3